RETOOL� is a session where Pastors are led through a process of examining the existing systems of their church.  Pastors will have an opportunity to share best practices they currently utilize, in a very non-threatening, supportive, transparent environment.  Pastors will be introduced to new ideas, strategies and procedures, which they can use to move their churches to the next level of excellence. 

You don�t want to miss this intensive workshop! We encourage every Pastor to consider RETOOL� as a way to re-energize their church planning strategy. This is a session for Senior Pastors of churches and their ministry partners only! Meals are included.



Church Planters Love Us!

We have a proprietary church planting process which supports the church planter and their families in launching a life-giving, missional church with more success than launching alone. We provide financial support for church planters.



Existing Pastors Engage Us!

Approximately 4,000 churches close their doors every year in the United States. We equip pastors with tools and resources to develop themselves and their churches.



Call Us for Help!

Many pastors do not have a trusted advisor or friend with whom they can share their inadequacies or their burdens. We have professionals who will assist you in getting through the rough patches of life and ministry. Call us today!